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Flooring with Soul

Everyone knows the magic and incomparable flair exuded by original parquet flooring. Be it in castles, palaces, villas or upmarket town houses – a parquet floor gives any residential or commercial space a special, exclusive look: it gets a life of its own, its own « soul ». It is precisely this that makes authentic floors so very popular with interior decorators and designers. This makes original and historic flooring both rare and hard to come by.

My passion and fascination for soulful old flooring dates back to my work as a furniture restorer in the Wuerttemberg State Museum in Stuttgart and as an active consultant and advisor in the European preservationist market. Today, with my company ANTIQUE PARQUET, I focus exclusively on rescuing, collecting and expertly restoring historic parquet-, plank- and geometric parquet flooring, which I supply to customers around the world as well as expertly install on request. After all, you have to be very careful when dealing with these old and preserved surfaces to ensure you give the parquet flooring just the right look wherever it is installed.

In an old 18th century farmhouse in Kitzbuhel, Austria, I store one of the largest collections of original and antique parquet and plank flooring. Of course, you can also find what you're looking for in my workshop in Vienna.

Antique parquet flooring can be found in nearly all major cities, such as Santa Monica, Aspen, New York, Dubai, London, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Monaco/Monte Carlo, Saint Tropez, Berlin, Lindau, Rome, Portofino, Alba, Zurich and Innsbruck.

Interested? Please make an appointment on T +43 (0) 676 7403520 or by e-mail at I look forward to hearing from you! Of course, your initial consultation and a non-binding quote are free.

Mit besten Grüßen aus Kitzbühel


Thomas Reiner

Thomas Reiner